Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Social Food Apps: How they’re changing your mind at point of sale

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Food is a way of life and the mobile space is blossoming with new apps that are influencing the where, what and how of eating.  The consumer is constantly browsing the aisles of the local supermarket, sitting down at new dinner tables, and buying the latest products with the help of new mobile food apps.  An explosion of new apps is impacting our food choices at the moment of transaction.  It isn’t about the lead up; it’s about the now while our wallets are out.  There are apps to show you the best dish at that new local restaurant or highlight your favorite menu options.  You can look up reviews with the touch of a button and avoid making those wrong food decisions and making more of the right ones.  And the newest apps will let you know what’s really nutritious and what’s not.  Come explore with us how our decisions about food are impacted by the freshest social food apps.


Amy Cao: Head of Social Media, Foodspotting

Amy Cao is a writer, blogger, native-New Yorker and the producer and host of Simply Simple Snacks, a popular video web series that has made multiple appearances on Youtube, CNN and the New York Daily News.  The refreshingly smart and cheerful series shows you how to make tasty snacks with incredibly easy but delicious recipes.  In 2010, Amy joined as Head of Social Media.  Also follow Amy’s adventures in the food industry on her popular blog, Amy Blogs Chow. 

Ryan Charles: Co-Founder/CEO, Consmr

Ryan Charles is the founder of Consmr, a social destination to rate and share consumer packaged goods. Consmr has been called “Yelp for the grocery store” by Business Insider and The New York Observer. Prior to founding Consmr, Ryan was Head of Mobile for Zagat where was responsible for all-time top selling iPhone and iPad apps in addition to building brand partnerships with Foursquare and Foodspotting.  He has been interviewed by the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch and other major media outlets. Ryan is a frequent speaker at technology events including ones for Ad Age, Harvard Business School and Social Media Week.

Jonathan Shapiro: Founder, Grubster 

Jonathan Shapiro is the founder of the recently launched website and mobile application Grubster which allows the user to search for recommended dishes at restaurants in New York and Austin.  Jonathan is extremely passionate about food and loves discovering news places to eat out.  His inspiration for the company came about from a dining experience at popular New York restaurant Phillipe, which featured dish recommendations on the menu.  Jonathan started Grubster to take dish suggestions and publicize them on a digital format.

Matt Bean: Brand Editor, Men’s Health and Women’s Health

Matt Bean is AVP, Mobile, Social and Emerging Media at Rodale Inc., a leading source for health, fitness and wellness content around the world.  He works across all company platforms including Men’s Health and Women’s Health developing concepts, ideas and products around mobile, gaming and social media.  Matt has previously launched more than 40 mobile applications across Rodale’s brands and oversaw the creation and launch of Rodale’s first iPad platform.  

Rich Tomko: CEO, Snooth Media

Rich Tomko is the CEO of Snooth Media, a collection of next-generation epicurean sites.  Late last year, Snooth launched the widely acclaimed Snooth Wine Pro, a mobile app that allows users to take a snapshot of a wine label to instantly get ratings, reviews, and where to buy information.  Most recently, Snooth launched a new social gaming platform for wine called Wine Rack that incentives users to learn about and review wines.  Tomko is a 16-year digital media veteran, who just prior to joining Snooth Media, oversaw eight Time Inc lifestyle properties, including all it’s digital food businesses.  headshot attached